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Drabble/Drawble Challenge

How about we get our creative juices flowing with a drabble/drawble challenge? Write or draw anything that inspires you from any of the prompts! No pressure, short ficlets and quick sketches are what this is all about (though go for longer, more-rendered if you're so inspired!)

What prompts, you say? Well, there's the kinkmeme, of course. There's also a great new OTP prompt Tumblr, Your Fucked Up OTP. Or you can go off of any of these single-word/phrase prompts on this table from 100_prompts:

001. Threat 002. Empire 003. Falter 004. Compliment 005. Irresistible
006. Honour 007. Work 008. Jealous 009. Strings 010. Semantics
011. Innocence 012. Dispose 013. Blaze 014. Neglect 015. Quake
016. Fighting 017. Quarrel 018. Brood 019. Effort 020. Now
021. By My Side 022. Rest 023. Soon 024. Listen 025. Haze
026. Excite 027. Darling 028. Fragment 029. Sacrifice 030. Name
031. Animal 032. Jagged 033. Strange 034. Measure 035. Ashes
036. Leave 037. Fit 038. Elusive 039. Painstaking 040. Unfold
041. Wrap 042. Friend 043. Swift 044. Destiny 045. Need
046. Closing In 047. Nightmare 048. Hands of Fate 049. Bite 050. Mistakes

Post your fills wherever you want, but please comment on this post with a link so we can find them! If posting on Tumblr, don't forget the #bondvillains-bb tag.
This is pretty much what it says on the tin, and a way to get ideas flowing for eventual drabble challenges and the big bang. I'm going to be "importing" relevant prompts from other kinkmemes (which I will link to so you can also direct your fills over there).

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Fic and Art Rec Party

This post is a couple weeks late due to reasons. But now is the time to rec all your favorite fanworks!

The rules are simple:

1) Link to the fanwork (please also put down the title + screenname of the creator)
2) A few words about why this fanwork is awesome

Either drop your rec(s) in the comments here, or through the submit function on tumblr.
1) If submitting on tumblr, please use the 'rec party' tag + whatever other tags apply from the list. ♥
2) if commenting here, please put the pairing (or main character for gen) and the kind of fanwork in the subject line.


Intro/friending meme

Welcome to the Bond Villains Big Bang! We're still getting things going here, not helped by LJ's "maintenance" of the past couple days >:(  Nevertheless, let's get to know each other! And I'm still taking suggestions to make this whole thing fun and productive for everyone, either here or ask over on Tumblr. As I've said over there, I really want this to be more of a writers’ workshop than just a Big Bang, and generate as much fic as possible!

On to the friending meme! Copy and paste into comments, etc.
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